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About Volkswagen Atlas

The powerful Volkswagen Atlas is a sleek mid-sized SUV built by the German automaker Volkswagen. The creased lines in the front end and on the left and right sides that give it a mean and aggressive appearance. The Volkswagen Atlas was first introduced at the LA Auto Show on November 17, 2016 and initially was made available for purchase in Canada and the United States in May 2017 as a 2018 model. The Volkswagen Atlas offers an abundance of cargo and passenger space. The VW Atlas offers with Volkswagen's updated infotainment and driver assistance technology.
The Volkswagen Atlas will be attractive to VW enthusiasts who are looking for a bigger vehicle for their growing family. Marketed as a "family SUV," the Atlas has the traditional SUV appearance with high seating, a very rugged body, excellent clearance, and an impressive silver chrome front grille. Volkswagen provides a number of driving modes in the Volkswagen Atlas: sport, comfort, offroad economy, and snow. Given the engine size and weight of the vehicle, sport mode really didn't make a big difference in terms of performance, and the ride was smooth despite everything. VW has done a solid job with the Atlas in the market. It has already become one of VW's most popular vehicles. The 2019 Volkswagen Atlas comes with an enormous interior cabin and is well equipped. It represents one of the best values in the SUV segments.

Volkswagen Atlas Common Problems and Maintenance Tips

Are you having difficulty with your Volkswagen Atlas? Given below are some of the common problems of issues that have been reported by VW Atlas owners.
VW Atlas owners have reported holes or leaks in the radiator. One report indicates that there is a slow leak in the radiator and that the owner is unable to figure out where it's coming from. The owner will be taking the vehicle to the local dealership for a diagnostic and to get it fixed. Another Atlas owner complained about excessive fuel consumption after the radiator leak on his vehicle. Consult with an expert mechanic or visit your local dealer if you experience this issue.
It has also been noted that Volkswagen Atlas owners are experiencing excessive wind noise inside the vehicle. It has been mentioned that there is excessive sound when traveling at a high speed. Some have reported loud wind noise when driving over 45 miles per hour while others experience the loud wind noise when driving over 65 miles per hour. The single door seals may be the cause of excessive wind noise.
Some 2018-2019 VW Atlas drivers also report that there is a problem with the instrument panel not flashing a warning when the key is left in the ignition. There is a possibility that instrument cluster on the dashboard may not give out an audible warning to notify the vehicle driver that the key is still located in the starter when the door is open making the vehicle fail to comply with FMVSS requirements for "Theft Protection." Generally, your local VW dealer will reprogram your cluster at no cost to you if you experience this issue.
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