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About Volkswagen Tiguan

Offering refined driving manners and upscale interior, Volkswagen Tiguan has been built by a famous German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen, shorten to VW, since 2007 as a compact crossover vehicle (CUV). Originally introduced to compete against the Mini Countryman, Toyota RAV4 and Ford Escape, Tiguan is comparatively rare and serves as the only affordable European SUV in the segment. Its name is made by melding the words "tiger" and "iguana" together, Tiguan even received a five-star safety rating with the greatest sales in many countries and areas. Up to now, Tiguan is in its second generation.
The first-generation Volkswagen Tiguan was produced from 2007 to 2017 and debuted at the November 2006 LA Auto Show as a concept vehicle. Tiguan was put into production officially in the winter of 2007 and was released to market in 2008 as a 2009 model. In the United States, Tiguan came in S, SE, and SEL and was offered in only one body style, 5-door wagon. During this generation, Volkswagen Tiguan was powered by a 2,0 L turbocharged I4 rated at 200 hp and 207 lb-ft of torque and power was sent through 6-speed manual or automatic transmission to front wheels or four wheels. The current Tiguan was unveiled at the 2016 IAA in Frankfurt. Now, as a 5-door SUV built at the Volkswagen Group MQB platform, it also adds a R-line trim level. The 2.0 L I4 is carried over from the previous generation, but now, Tiguan also gets a new 8-speed automatic transmission.

Volkswagen Tiguan Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Boasting sleek European design, high-quality interior, solid driving dynamics, Volkswagen Tiguan could satisfy basic SUV needs of others looking for an elevated seating height and the all-weather assurance of all-wheel drive, not to mention that it commands a hefty price premium over other compact SUVs. However, you still should not overlook these common problems on your Tiguan:
First, just as expected, engine failure becomes Volkswagen Tiguan drivers' biggest headache when driving and even some told that this issue will arise when the vehicle reaches at about 100,000 miles. The seriousness of this issue is quite obvious since it often brings devastating consequences such as vehicle breaking down. The best advice for you is to diagnose and solve it as fast as possible based on the experience of Tiguan owners. Normally, this issue often starts with noises such as squealing, whining or rattling from the engine; then the engine gradually runs roughly, misfires, stalls and even suffers from starting issues. Before the vehicle fails completely, once you feel the vehicle lose power while acceleration and have poor fuel economy, even the Check Engine Light comes on, you had better start to inspect the Tiguan timing belt, timing belt tensioner, spark plug, engine mount, oil filter, air filter and timing chain immediately.
Second, for Volkswagen Tiguan drivers, suspension failure is also a troublesome issue since as an SUV, Tiguan must have road over all kinds of conditions, the suspension failure is not a strange problem for it. You are advised to be prepared in advance. Once you hear clunking or rattling noises from underneath the vehicle, which could be seen as the sign of uneven tire wear and tilting vehicle; then you will find hard to control the vehicle due to intense car vibration, unintentional steering and loose steering wheel. Under such circumstance, you are supposed to make sure if the Tiguan wheel bearing, shock absorber, sway bar bushing, coil springs, coil spring insulator and control arm bushing are working properly or not.
To sustain your Volkswagen Tiguan's overall quality, you need to perform routine maintenance on some vulnerable parts on it. Some parts such as Tiguan seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, fog light, headlight, antenna and cabin air filter are helpful in creating safe and comfortable driving environment, you should maintain them routinely.
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